A Day’s Work

Today I did a full day’s work from the bedside.
FL was in a slump when I arrived and had been left to sleep.  However, the nurses were determined to straighten him up a bit – literally and metaphorically, with clean sheets and a wash.  They asked me to leave while he protested.
Although I am willing to be his advocate in many matters, I judged that being made comfortable was worth the disturbance. I escaped to the coffee area with my laptop and carried on working.
Later on, I let him know that I had been in touch with his family to let them know his situation.
I offered to act as his scribe if there was anything he wanted to say to them.
After a long long pause for thought, he asked me to “Take a letter” which made me laugh.  Such a wonderful old-fashioned phrase!
He managed a sentence before falling asleep.
And when he woke he had reconsidered his words.
I explained that he was under no obligation to contact anyone, that I would help if he wanted to take the opportunity to say something to someone… but that it is his choice.
He nodded.
I said that I wanted him to understand that he is loved.
That I love him.
He squeezed my hand.
As I was leaving, he asked me to give him his mobile phone.
I am not sure he has the coordination to use it anymore, but I left it within reach.
In case he needs to say goodbye.