A day trip out with good news!

Yesterday our very good friends Sue and Angela accompanied us on a trip to the Parallel Universe, for a date with my consultant Professor Kwee Yong and her research assistant, Janet. Professor Yong is the amazing captain of my new universe and has a ship full of excellent crew on board steering my life on a path to recovery and back down to earth. Janet is my guide, and in my eyes my guardian angel, I am not really sure how I would make the journey without her, and I am sure she is probably quite unaware of the difference she makes to my life.

One round of Chemo completed (another 2-6 to go), today was first results day, and we are delighted to report it’s looking GOOD!

HB levels are up to 11 and other blood results are looking positive. The magic para-protein numbers (number of cancer cells) are yet to be counted and we will await with great trepidation but positivity to receive these from Janet on Friday.

The nasty little foreign bodies mutating in my bone marrow are currently around the 50 mark. Ideally after all my treatments there won’t be any at all, but if we leave one of the little buggers behind and he decides to mutate again then it’s back on the old fight. It would appear for some reason my bone marrow is a good host for these invaders. But like I said in the beginning they picked the wrong body and definitely the wrong girl to play around with!

Following another drug run, honestly I’m sure I could make a fortune on all these pills and potionsI am being supplied with, we set out starving to find a spot of lunch. Following my daughters recommendation we searched out an EAT cafe. A supposedly trendy hotspot delivering hotpots in a cardboard tubs. Certainly NOT to be revisited, recommended or repeated unless in a real hurry and desperate for glutinous substances. I can’t taste anything anyway but my fellow diners were not impressed and it wasn’t the leisurely sit down lunch we were hoping for. We followed this is up with a trip to the nearby McDonalds, another place I vowed never to visit again, but I have developed a craving for salty chips and icy cold milk shakes that needed satisfying.

Despite all this, our day was filled with laughter and joy, as it always is when we all get together and we returned home shattered and ready for a good old cup of char.

Last day of steroids today so I will make good use of my energy levels despite my 4 hours sleep, and prepare for the 3 day crash period that seems to follow. Colin is intending on chopping wood today but I fear he appears a little apprehensive at my recent addiction to eBay. Like i said you have to invest to…impress/dress/ make money? Hmm I was never a great business entrepreneur but I have a feeling that is all about to change! I just can’t wait for the postman to bring me all my prizes, I think I had better sort out a stock room.

Happy day to you all. X