A Busy Few Weeks- Hanging in There!

Hi gang-

Dom is just finishing up his 3rd week of Physical Therapy.  We love the entire team and are hopeful that he’ll strengthen.  https://www.facebook.com/Therapeutic-Concepts-1408438372782051/?rf=230666430277319

Each visit (3 times a week), they’re introducing new exercises and he’s outdoing himself.  The man is driven!

We had a busy day yesterday.  Slidell Oncologist at 10:30.  A long lunch at the great Mexican joint next door.  They back to the Cancer Center for a Zometa drip.  His hip is killing him today, so the stuff is “doing it’s thing”, happily.  Our last stop was Physical Therapy, which went well.

Our Slidell Oncologist has referred Dom to a well-known Neurologist in Lacombe, LA.  We have an appointment on Monday morning.  We’re hopeful that this guy will figure something out.  http://www.northlakeneuro.net/

Dom is still in a wheelchair and gets around with a walker with the help of his therapists.

We’re headed to Tulane during the first week of October.