A Busy, Busy Week- VA Review, Casino, Doctors and Deer

Hi gang-

Firstly, let me say that our patient is doing very well.  He looks and feels great.

Last week, Dom was scheduled for a Disability Review from the VA.  As he’s in remission, and no longer taking any cancer medications, they may wish to reduce his benefits.  (Which infuriates me, as MM is not curable.  He will always be under treatment for this cancer.)

The doctor would not allow me to join them.  After about a half an hour of questioning, prodding and poking, Dom came out.  We headed to the lab for ALOT of bloodwork, then hit the road.

We spent the night at the Beaux Rivage Casino in Biloxi.  We were fortunate enough to get a “corner room”, which is basically 2 complete walls of window overlooking the city of Biloxi and the Gulf of Mexico.

We played a bit of video poker, drank a few beers and had dinner at their buffet.  It’s been a few years since our last visit, and Dom was very disappointed to find that they no longer serve Snow Crab Legs on weekdays.  Miss Piggy, however, made up for it by eating mass quantities of boiled shrimp and creme brulee.

All in all, it was a good day and a fun time.  But, I’m a bit concerned with the VA right now.  Time will tell.  (A few days later, we received notice that the VA would be doing an ultrasound on him next Monday… apparently they’ve not made a decision yet)
We had our quarterly appointment with Dr. Safah yesterday.  We’ll hear about his M-SPIKE in a couple of weeks. In the meanwhile, she is putting together a letter for us stating that Dom is “unemployable” due to his cancer…. Neuropathy, Dizziness, Fatigue, Low Tolerance to Heat and Sun, etc.

We then stopped by his Urologist’s office with the same type of request, but separate issues involving his Prostate.  No problem.

This was all suggested by my new buddies at AGENT ORANGE LEGACY on Facebook  These guys really stick together, and I’m grateful for their guidance.  THANKS, GUYS!
This is pretty neat, gang….  Dom ordered a couple of Wild Game Cameras for the property.  We’ve been loaded with deer lately.  They’re coming right up to the house on a daily basis, and Dom has been keeping them loaded with corn.  We get such a kick out of this!  He mounted the camera about 3 feet from our house.  One night, the camera took 82 pictures!  What fun.  Here’s an example….. I get a kick out of the one it took of Dominic.

Our property is being over-run by Wild Boars.  They’re doing alot of damage….so, the other camera is going to be set up where they hang out in the woods.  The area is all dug up and smells terrible…. there’s no mistaking their stomping ground….  Hoping to have a pig roast in the near future!