A brief interlude – Early morning ramblings!

I am not one known for drug taking, so the sudden transformation from 0 -32 pills per day and a dose of red beetle juice may be taking its toll. The steroids may certainly account for my only seemingly requirement of 4 hours sleep per night ( if that). The problem is dear reader I only get to take the steroids, in extreme high doses, for 4 days then its cold turkey until my next cycle begins in a couple of weeks time. Mean eh, especially with my hot date coming up.

So you can expect a crash, mrs grumpy bear may come out to play as the world takes on a slightly shader pale of grey. Luckily for me being one of the worlds great optimists, the last time wasn’t too bad but my health both physical and mental is a little temprimental at present and you never know what is going to happen next. So I am just warning you that today is my last day and preparing you for the possible worse with a pre-apology for bad behaviour. ( from me, surely not!)

Maybe my cloud costume should include a few dirty smudges and a David Bowie like flash streak across my face.  What do you reckon?