A Beautiful Gift

Yesterday I celebrated my 41st birthday.  Funny, I have never been happier to be a year older.  I woke up yesterday with a beautiful poem in my email box written by the love of my life, my husband Mike.  He was traveling on my birthday, and on his flight he wrote this beautiful poem.  He has always had an incredible gift of expressing himself.  I wanted to share this with you, so you can get an understanding of the incredible strong man I have by my side.  Mike’s love and support has given me so strength over this past year.  I am where I am today, because of him!

Ships quietly sail by
as she stands watch
passive, waiting, ready
Over the years, built with the bricks and mortar of support and strength by many,
her presence is strong, majestic, interminable, certain.
Character built by the absorption of power from crashing waves,
brilliant sunlight, 
turbulent storms.
Her beacon of light provides guidance,
direction, spirit, with unwavering stability
firmly rooted in the foundation of desires,
hopes, and dreams of many;
to live through the storms and to be a point of flight for those
who need her, and a symbol of courage for those who regard and admire her.