9 Years Ago Today, I Learned Myeloma Owned Me… Forever

Hello 12.30.18

9 Years = 108 Months

9 Years = 469 Weeks 

9 Years = 3,285 Days

9 Years = 78,840 Hours 

9 Years = 4,730,400 Minutes 

9 Years = 283,824,000 Seconds 

Yes, 9 years ago I was diagnosed with Multiple Myeloma.
I still can’t wrap my head around it…
I was staring out the window as I writing this, trying to think of something “profound” to say, but I don’t feel profound today. I feel a bit empty, blank, incredulous, still consumed in wonderment. How? Why? When? Really? Got to be kidding! Not me! Wrong person. Multiple Myeloma. Terminal Cancer. Incurable Cancer. Treatment for Life Cancer. Multiple Myeloma. Myeloma. Blood cancer. Blood Plasma Cancer. Treatment will save your life. Chemo. Steroids. Stem Cell Transplant. Kaiser. City of Hope. Blood Tests. Chemo. Blood Tests. Chemo. Blood Tests. Stat. Blood Tests. Chemo. Status. My status = Multiple Myeloma. Cancer. Incurable Cancer. Terminal Cancer. Yes, but a “Treatable Cancer”. 

“Your Bone Marrow Biopsy”, from 12.18.2009, has confirmed your diagnosis of “Multiple Myeloma”, a Blood Cancer. Blood Plasma Cancer. High Risk IGA type Myeloma.” You’re young for this diagnosis.” I’m so sorry.” So sorry to give you this news and diagnosis.” Yes, cancer.” Multiple Myeloma”… Incurable, but Treatable.”

Lots of details. Lots of questions. Numb. Shocked. Incredulous. Not for real. How did this happen. Wrong person. The lab mixed up my blood with someone else, that’s what must have happened. Blood Tests, Chemo. Steroids, Chemo, Steroids, Chemo Steroids. Blood Tests. Stat. Blood Tests. Stat. Chemo. Steroids. Chemo, Steroids, Incurable, but Treatable. Radiation. Yes, Radiation for all the holes, lesions, plasmacytomas. Radiation. Lesions. Holes. Plasmacytomas. Fractures. Bone involvement. Too many areas to treat… so much bone involvement. Radiation. Diarrhea. Imodium. Diarrhea. Imodium. Chemo. Steroids. 

And here I am 9 years after a deadly diagnosis!. A miracle survivor. More chemo rounds than I can count. Been thru almost all the standard treatments. Revlimid. Kyprolis. Pomalyst. Darzalex. Velcade. Are there any left, after my current old skool Velcade and Cytoxan-Cyclophosphamide, Dex combo? Yes. Thank you brilliant researchers. Yes. But are clinical trials next? What’s next… which chemo. And if I choose to stop treatment… how long do I have??? “Months”, he said, “not years”, as I once thought, when I asked my SCT oncologist, a few years ago. Yes, I will continue to treat. Treat for my forever. But so sick of being sick. So sick of fatigue. So sick of diarrhea. So tired. So fatigued. So tired of not being normal. My previous normal. My life was stolen from me. Wanh, waaanh, waaanh,…. 

Yes I am so very grateful to still be here. So amazed. So proud. So grateful!!!

Wishing all of you the happiest of New Years, and may 2019 bring good things to your life, and your loved ones. Wishing you good health, no drama, dreams fulfilled, and a meaningful life. Thank you for reading, following my story and your wonderful comments. I’d love to know how long you’ve been reading my blog, and following my story. 9 years is a long time to be writing :)) I’m pretty amazed when I look back on all my posts, and think about all my thoughts and stories living here on this blog!

Here’s all my 12.30 anniversary posts: 









And later on 12.30.18 
we celebrated my 9th diagnosis survival anniversary! 
So amazing I’m here, 9 years after Myeloma tried to kill me!
And yes, continues to, but you’re not gonna win Myeloma!
Me and my 9! 
Son Scott, GF Ashley, and Me :))
Scott and Me, and doggie Abbie :))
Ashley and Me :))

What a wonderful little Celebration of Life,
9 years of addition life, I never thought I’d achieve.
Thank you to all my wonderful Doctors, Nurses, Medical Staff
Medical Science Researchers, my family, and friends near and far!