9 Years Ago Today- Hema What? Oncol What?

Hello 12.14.18

Wow, crazy… 9 years ago Today I had my First Hematology Oncology appointment. I hadn’t heard the word “Myeloma” yet, but judging by the serious looks and conversations on 12.14.09 … something was up…

And so begins the anniversaries of my 9th year surviving Myeloma. I continue to defy the myeloma odds, surviving 9 years. Yippee!!! I’m alive to “celebrate” this 9 year anniversary of my very first Hematology Oncology appointment! Yes, December 14, 2009 is a date I will never forget.

The medical adventures I have “participated” in between 12.14.2009 and 12.14.2018 are just mind boggling. If I was to, and I really need to, add up alllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll the 9 years of myeloma treatments my lil ol body has endured and survived, I should be shriveled up like a chemically cooked, radiated raisin. How can I still be here with this deadly biological war waging inside of me? Myeloma’s been working hard for over 9 years to eat me up alive, and actually quite literally successful at it, as we discovered this year! I am so thankful for all the man made chemicals and radioactive beams available to pummel this monster. Truly amazing what the body can tolerate.

How’s this for symbolism?
12.14.2009 I was meeting my original Oncologist Dr Lee (RIP) for the very first time. Today, 12.14.2018 I was at my 5th Radiation appointment. I just love symbolism and the irony.

I really don’t remember a lot of the conversation on 12.14.2009. I was actually not feeling great, as I was so “drained” from bleeding out so much the past year, but I wasn’t worried or concerned about anything Big or Serious. I was one of those that Never thought a serious medical condition could happen to me! I really believed I was in the “wrong department”, thinking I was only there because my blood levels were askew, and some Iron pills, better hydration and perhaps a Steak would take care of whatever issues my Doctors were seeing behind the scenes. Omg, was I naive!!!
From 12.14.2009 forward, I was taking blood tests weekly, maybe even more often, receiving worried calls from my GP and this new Doctor in this mysterious, not really for me, Department of Oncology! The next appointment… 12.18.2009 … 18th, yes, 18th… more symbolism this year!!! And I will tell you what that was for on my 12.18.18 post! Can you guess??? 
Yes, December 14th is a date that changed my world forever. December 14, 2009 began a journey I never agreed to participate in, and I’ve been bouncing along the wild medical rapids ever since. As I write this, I still have difficulty accepting and wrapping my head around what I’ve experienced in the last 9 years since my initial “why am I in this Department” appointment. 
Here I am, on my 50th birthday, November 2009 
just a few weeks prior to that first Oncology appointment
Here I am today, 12.14.2018
at the end of my 5th Radiation appointment
Had a different “office” today as I was supposed to be there yesterday, but with the GI issues on Wed and Thurs, (and continuing tonight…) NO Way would I get on the freeway yesterday! I called and rescheduled for today. And from what I was told, the GI side effects could last for a week or 2. Hello cleansing and Imodium again… 
Nope, I didn’t Ring the Bell, as my treatments for Myeloma are ongoing, never ending on so many levels, and from what the Radiology Oncologist has let me know… “I’ll Be Baaaaack”… as I have such extensive bone involvement… bone damage, thank you Myeloma, that there are many more areas to zap. I’ll post her email summary on my next post, along with the results of my Labs I symbolically took today :)) 
Yep, I’m so very grateful to still be here 9 years later, but still so mystified how this all happened, “why me”, and how the heck Myeloma found me.
12.14.2009 you are a date permanently tattooed in my being. You are the beginning of so many unwanted symbolic dates in my life. Symbolic dates that are so unlike my “other life” happy symbolic dates.