80 Months of Complete Remission

Got the call a little while ago.

Dom remains in complete remission, but his numbers are a LITTLE concerning to me.   (His doctor isn’t fazed a bit).  Light Chains are high.  Their ratio is normal.

M-Spike is now 0.6, while it had been 0.3

Normal levels of serum free light chains are:
• Kappa: 3.3–19.4 mg/L
• Lambda: 5.71–26.3 mg/L
• Kappa/lambda ratio: 0.26–1.65

His March numbers are:
*Kappa:  25.67
*Lambda:  28.00
*Ratio:  0.91

I know that many MM patients would be tickled with these numbers.  Perhaps I expect too much.  (They’re sending me a hard copy of all of his numbers)

We’ll see what happens in June.

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!