A short update to end the suspense for those of you who read my last post: I heard yesterday that my light chains were 78.5. This means I’m not currently eligible for the trial, and it’s actually barely higher than a month previously. I’m fed up with uncertainty and everyone seems to agree it’s not a great idea for me to just ‘watch and wait’. So, short of any drastic change of heart or unforeseen obstacle, I’ll be starting treatment next week at my usual hospital, on VTD.

I’ll explain more about that another time, but for now, here is another exciting development in the world of Helga the Viking: we have a fundraising team page! Check out the link below, and you’ll see the first brave running Viking, Emi, has a fundraising page for her forthcoming run in Vienna! Do give her any spare change you find around the back of the sofa: no amount too small, it’ll give both her and me a boost!


There will be more runners joining the team in the next couple of months, in London and Brussels. Global Viking action! Very heartwarming for me, and very useful for anyone with myeloma.

Meanwhile, I’m glad to be (nearly) out of limbo and cracking on with treatment.

Yours, cheering on Emi and the other runners who are limbering up,

H the G x