750 Best Appetizers: From Dips and Salsas to Spreads and Shooters

I was tickled to receive this cookbook from the publisher the other day!  It’s a large 576 pages.  Loaded with recipes and full-color photos.

As Dom and I entertain often, I’ll be using this publication for my party menus. I’ve always been one to make our food prior to our guests arriving, thus being able to join in the fun.

This book is PERFECT for our lifestyle!

The quintessential book of appetizers for any occasion.

There are more than 750 recipes to choose from because we’ve tried to make sure you have a selection to suit every possible occasion — from a dress-down backyard barbecue to the most elegant sit-down dinner. We’ve also considered the need to satisfy a variety of dietary preferences, from strictest vegans to wide-ranging omnivores. And since we know you’re probably doing lots of things at once, many recipes can be prepared ahead of time or made in your slow cooker while you’re busy with something else.

The book is structured to cover a broad range of options. There are 16 chapters built around specific types of dishes, such as Dips and Spreads, or specific ingredients, such as Fish and Seafood or Cheese. We’ve also categorized by presentation, since it’s an integral component to appetizers, so you’ll find chapters like Wraps and Rolls.

A tray of appetizers always seems celebratory, and there is nothing like home-cooked food to make people feel welcome. Use this book to create hors-d’oeuvres that will delight your family and friends — then relax and enjoy the party yourself.

With so many recipes to choose from, home cooks have got the basis to get any gathering off to a lively start:

*Easy tahini dip, tuna tapenade, roasted beet and goat cheese spread
*Feta-spiked watermelon salsa with chili, apple salsa, Bloody Mary salsa
*Watercress gazpacho, broccoli pesto shooter, shrimp bisque, cumin mint cooler
*Pepper-wrapped chorizo, duck confit quesadilla, cannoli, beef sushi
*Pancetta and potato bundles, buckwheat blini, spinach and artichoke tarts
*Uptown croque monsieur, pinwheel party sandwiches, salmon sliders
*Spicy sizzling shrimp, smoked salmon and avocado tartare, beer-battered oysters.

You can pick up this beauty here: