7 Becomes 8… I’ve Almost Made It 8 Years!


Hello Last “On The 7’s Post”, for the 7th year of my myeloma survival!
Wow, where has this year gone? Hard to believe that this is my last symbolic on the “7’s” post of 2017. If you are just finding my blog, let me explain.

For several years now, I have posted my thoughts and status on the days representing my years of survival. Hence this year, 2017, my 7th year surviving myeloma, I posted on the 7th, 17th, and 27th. So today, 12.27.17 will be my last “On The 7’s Post”, representing my 7 seven years of battling and surviving myeloma. 7 years… wow!

12.27.09, I had no idea yet that I had myeloma, but we knew something serious was up. Today, 12.27.17, I marvel that I am still here, getting ready to roll everything over to the “8’s”, representing my 8 years of life with myeloma. My life changing symbolic date of 12.30.09, the day I was diagnosed with myeloma, is just a few days away… I’ll post my diagnosis reflections on 12.30.17 in another post. But for today, I just want to fully embrace year 7.

7 years being a cancer patient, with a cancer called Myeloma
7 years living as a cancer patient
7 years of blood tests and Bone Marrow Biopsies
7 years of oncology, hematology appointments
7 years of chemos, immunotherapies, steroids, and side effects
7 years of thinking about how my life abruptly changed… forever
7 years consumed in whether I would live or die

Congrats to me, and gigantic thanks to my doctors, my chemo pharmacists, medical scientists and researchers, and those loving and supporting me for these past 7 years! We did it! I’m alive 7 years, soon to be 8 years, after my myeloma diagnosis. I think that’s pretty impressive, considering how vicious, tenacious and incurable myeloma is.

So what did I do to celebrate the end of my 7th year, on a “7”, the 27th? I took blood tests lol.
At my last oncology appointment 3 weeks ago, my Dr scheduled future labs for me to check my status, to make sure my treatments weren’t affecting my CBCs and WBCs too dramatically. Often, in my 2nd week and towards the end of my 21 days of Pomalyst, my WBCs plummet, and I wind up Neutropenic, so she prescribes several injections of Neupogen/Zarxio to bring my WBCs up.

But I was so worried about going near any medical clinic right now, as it seems everyone is sick with some sort of awful bug, and I just didn’t want to take the risk of exposing myself to cooties! See, I’m finally well from my horrible November illness, and I haven’t ventured out in public much at all, all of December, so bad me, I wasn’t going to go do these labs. But around 5pm, I received a call from my Dr’s nurse, telling me to please go, and do my labs. Ugh… ok ok, I’ll go. Yes I wore a mask, didn’t touch a thing, and went as late as 8pm, hoping for less people there. My plan worked, and I got in and out rather quickly, and picked up my Neupogen Zarxio shots, without too much exposure to others. While waiting for my Rx, I stood by the open door, mask on, and walked the long way back to my car, outside, not through the office.

OCD, yes! Scared of more germs, yes! Super cautious and protective, yes! So far, my plan has worked, as I’ve never been hospitalized since my SCT, and haven’t ever had pneumonia… what us myeloma patients fear the most.

Anyway, I feel ok, just fatigued as always. Coming off of my crash from my weekly Dex steroids I took on Christmas Eve morning, to make it through the 24th and 25th with some semblance of energy. With the New Year’s holiday coming up, I probably won’t have my myeloma stats until my next Darzalex infusion on January 2, 2018. Whoa! there’s the 8! 2018… my 8th year with myeloma…

Soooo…. MY FINAL POST FOR 2017 WILL BE DECEMBER 30, 2017 AS THAT DAY WILL MARK MY 8th ANNIVERSARY OF MY MYELOMA DIAGNOSIS… and that’s a really BIG DEAL to me. So check back for my final thoughts for 2017 and my official goodbye to the 7’s and my ushering in the 8’s :))

Live happy,
live well, and make a difference somewhere, somehow, with someone or something
as often as you can!