5 things on Frugal Friday

It’s been somewhat of a frugal week.

  • I didn’t really grocery shop, just picked up a few things at our local market.
  • Needed to go to Target but didn’t.
  • Ate most all of our meals at home with the exception of yesterday we had lunch out(see below).
  • used up things in the refrigerator to make meals ( BBQ tempeh was one).
  • Didn’t order from Amazon but need to do that soon ( a Lodge cast iron pan for my son for school).

We had a fun time going up to Truckee yesterday to get my Senior Golden pass card to the NF, parks and other benefits. B has one and we use that to reserve for Nevada Beach which makes camping there half price. If you are 62, you should go get one as the price will go up to $80 in October. Right now it’s $10.

So I’ve been wanting to go to JAX’s in Truckee that I read about. Guy Ferrera went there and reviewed it as it is a diner. It did not disappoint. The turkey melt with avocado was delicious. B had a chocolate shake and boy was it sweet. Anyway, lots of people up there and traffic on I 80 was thick. But we still had a good time and I got my pass. IMG_0819.jpgIMG_0818.jpg

Today, I’m going to the gym and then to Target to get my notebook for budgeting. Then into the store for a few things like polenta which I like to get bulk.

It’s Friday night pizza on the grill again as it’s supposed to be 101 today.