5 Becomes 6 This Month

Hello December!
Hello Month that represents so much, to so many, for so many different reasons. For me, December is Diagnosis month. It’s hard to believe almost 6 years ago I was diagnosed with Myeloma.
6 years ago I was really sick, and didn’t know it.
My cells knew it, but I didn’t know it.
6 years ago, December 14, 2009 was my first Oncology Hematology appointment.
6 years ago, Doctors began to talk to me about serious medical issues that totally blew me away. I was in disbelief I had anything seriously wrong with me.
6 years ago this month my life changed FOREVER! Still hard to process this cancer diagnosis, but so grateful I’ve made it 6 years past the “OMG say WHAT? MyelomaWho?” conversation!
It’s pretty impressive… all things considered!

So it appears that Kyprolis and I are getting along ok so far, with the predictable bi-polar boost from my ol friend Dexamethasone. Preliminary tests, after just a few infusions, showed my IgA and M-Protein coming DOWN a bit! But I’ll know my full first month results when I meet with my Doctor on Mon Dec 7, which also begins my 2nd month of Kyprolis. Perhaps I should have waited to post my results, but I’m nearing the end of my symbolic #5 posts. So here I am 12.5.15, posting on one of my few remaining “On the Fives” days!

And as always in my life, my connected connections never fail me! Have I mentioned that one of previous students is also now one of my chemo nurses? Seriously, not kidding! Jonathan was my student over 10 years ago, and we re-met again when he transferred to Oncology Hematology earlier this year. Such a wonderful guy then, and such an AMAZING nurse now!!! Thank you Jonathan for all your GREAT care!

Here we are, just before he hooked me up

After the heart wrenching memorial-funeral service Nov 21 for my beautiful first cancer doctor, Dr Lee (see my previous post), the following day was my birthday. Again I ponder… I am here, she is not. Seriously, the ironies of life never cease to confuse me.
So after much discussion of what to “do” for my birthday, (because I just don’t have the “helium” to do a lot), we all piled in the RV and Scott expertly drove us to the beach. It was a spectacular CA coastal day, with the beach temps in the 80’s! As you’ve probably figured out by now I can’t wander too far from my bathroom, so this was the perfect way to enjoy the day outside, with my personal pottie not far from my adventures. Being the nature lover I am, celebrating my special day outside is always my preference, and nature sure did not disappoint! The only thing that would have made this amazing day more spectacular, would be if our horses were magically trailered to the beach… but that’s just not an option any more…

Here’s a slice of our beautiful day:

 The Girls between the Gulls

 Just us Girls

 We had “Red Cups” stocked in the RV
way before they were trendy!

 Just me reflecting on my life

The ironies of life~
Beach today
Chemo tomorrow

Perfectly timed jump for joy!

Happy Birthday to me!

Spectacular sunset!

Just couldn’t stop taking pictures
of this stunning sunset!

Me being grateful to be alive!

Me Ashley Jim

 Grandpa Hal even joined us
 The “kids”
and seagull poop

Thank you Mother Earth for such beauty
on my birthday

Seriously Spectacular Sunset!

What a cute cake they surprized me with!
I can’t believe how my age correlates
with my diagnosis years!
* 56 *
5 becomes 6
Crazy stuff, this life!

 Hello beautiful Moon!
From spectacular Sunset
to this stunning Moonrise!

Kyprolis chemo begins again tomorrow. Month 2. 3 weeks on. 1 week off.
Mon Tues, Mon Tues, Mon Tues
I’ll post my lab results soon, so check back on another 5 derivative :)  

Life… To Be Continued…

Live happy,
live well, and make a difference somewhere, somehow, with someone or something
as often as you can!