49 before 50: The First Quarterly Report

The first 3 months of my 49th year have passed, so what do I have to show for it?

To start with, I have only managed to gather 39 goals on my list for the year!
Hmmm… “39 before 50” doesn’t have the same ring to it, does it?
But I am not going to stress about that:  I would rather not have meaningless targets just for the sake of it.

It has been a pretty stressful start to the year with new pressures at work and a lot of worrying about FL.  But my list of goals has been a useful point of focus.

Happy “True to Myself”  Footwear

“Be True to Myself” is top of the list and sometimes I cling to it like the mast on a sinking ship!
So when I have come under fire for “quirky language” (I kid you not) I have stood up for myself and brazened it out, while remaining entirely grown-up.  I avoided the temptation to retort: “Whatever, geezer!” which is what my inner voice was screaming.

Although I have not accomplished number 10 “Update my CV” I have taken on lots of new responsibilities at work (for no extra pay or thanks) and I know that my CV will look a lot shinier as a result, when I finally get round to writing it all down.

(37) I dyed my fringe blue :)
(20)  I have been wearing clothes that make me happy.
I have (6) knitted and (7) sewn from my stash.
(3)  I have read some good and great books.  Currently I am deeply immersed in:  “A Death in the Family” by Karl Ove Knausgaard, which is not a Scandinavian murder-mystery at all!  And it is part of a series – fantastic!  Lots to read!

(27)  I went to the dentist… and I went to the dentist again.  And again.  Once was all I had aimed for, but I reckon I have almost made up for those 7 missed years of appointments now!

(33) I have been sharing the love:  passing on books / magazines to family and friends after enjoying them myself.

(36)  I have been making more gifts and (32) I am up to date with my aim to knit 12 pairs of socks in the year.

This is not a picture of my teeth

The areas of slippage have been, as expected, the: (5) 49 Deliberate Acts of Exercise; (4) 49 Days of Vegan Living; (9)  Make connections / (16) Meet other knitters.  I am rubbish at sticking to goals around health and fitness and social interactions.  But I am aware of that, and I am determined to keep on chipping away at my flaws, while (19) Treating myself Kindly!

No sign of (2) a Walk on the Beach – pathetic!  How hard can it be?!
And I can’t recall (31) Coffee in a cafe, though I am almost certain it must have happened since November…  yes?  No?!  Really?!  The fact that I am not sure says a lot!
And I haven’t (28) had my hair cut.

And this is not symbolic of my goals crashing down around my head

In summary:  I have a lot of work to do.  But I am still determined to stick to my goals and identify some new ones as the year progresses.  Watch this space!