49 before 50: Make Tea in a Pot (with bonus FO)

One of the aims of my 49 before 50 list is to slow down and make more of my experiences.
To start to take more notice of the world around me, enjoy new tastes, relish the old ones.
While I love my morning coffee, I can only cope with two mugs a day or I start to go a bit doolally ;)
Tea doesn’t seem to have the same effect.
But I had started to knock back multiple cups of “builder’s tea” without paying much attention to what I was drinking.  It was just a hot drink which punctuated my day at regular intervals, keeping me warm and giving me an excuse to leave my desk.
I wasn’t really enjoying it.

So I started buying loose-leaf tea instead of tea bags, and brewing it in my lovely Zero Japan pot.
When The Girl and I went on holiday to Hebden Bridge, I treated myself to two packets of Hebden Tea:  their Queen’s Jubilee Earl Grey with Cherry and some Nuwara Eliya Ceylon Orange PekoeOoh – fancy!
FL took a shine to the Cherry tea, and it was soon gone.
So in October I visited the Hebden website and tried out a few more of their specialities:  Lady Hebden (an Earl Grey-type with orange), Earl Grey Blue (a gentle Earl Grey with a subtle bergamot taste), and the Hebden Breakfast Blend ( a simple black tea with lots of flavour).
Lady Hebden took the place of the Cherry tea in FL’s affections and we are down to our last spoonful!
Fortunately, Cherry is back in stock, so I have made a pre-Christmas order for that, more Lady Hebden, some Mango and (very exciting this!) some Santa Tea, which is a seasonal blend of black tea with Apple and Vanilla :)
This is all light years away from PG Tips or Typhoo tea bags!  And while those still have a place in my life when I need a quick cuppa, my tea pot now has pride of place next to the kettle.
It is such a pleasant, calming ritual to measure out my spoonful of leaves into the little metal basket, pour over the boiling water and wait for it to infuse, inhaling the fragrant steam all the while.  Ahhh!
But… what is THIS?!

No, FL that is not your Christmas hat!  Put it down immediately!
While my son was here in the summer, he was intrigued by the tea ceremony, and for his Christmas /  21st birthday he has asked for a tea pot.   Well, I could not possibly let it go naked, could I?!
I have knitted him this rather special tea cosy, using the Baby Jester Hat pattern by Woolly Wormhead.
It took one ball of JC Rennie Chunky Aran plus the remains of the two handspuns I used to make another gift tea cosy, the Betty.
No jester is complete without bells and pompoms!
But the weight of those fluffy beasts was pulling the points down and flattening the top of the cosy, so I stuffed the top with some bfl fibre, which will also help to insulate the pot – woo hoo!
I think The Boy will appreciate it… if I can just get it away from my darling FL!