40 days

Start July, every year, the LoveSingapore movement will devote 40 days to Pray and Fast for our nation. I went through the first day’s reading and considered the reflections and thought it helpful for myself.

One question asked – “in all of my doing, what am I becoming?” Obviously though I have been a “doer”, I am now less able a “doer” and focus on the more important aspect of a “be-er”. And that is the whole theme of the Be-atitudes (from Sermon of the Mount). The important teachings of be-ing is found in Matthew 5. Having the right attitudes and character.
And even in my “doing” am I wrapped up in my own little world? By GOD’s grace I want to be able to participate in seeking His Kingdom and seeking His glory. It is easy to be too caught up by one’s own challenges in life and be oblivious to the sufferings of others. May the LORD open my eyes and my heart to others and in my own little way, render a little help and a little love.

This is the recommended personal manifesto:
“I pledge never to walk alone, but with others. I will draw near, close ranks, and work with others. I will think the best of others, speak well of others, esteem others better than myself. I will celebrate the success of others, serve others, learn from others. I will listen deeply, love richly, and lead wisely…”