31 December, 2012 16:26

Well, tomorrow begins 2013 and I just passed my latest tests with flying colors. I’ve been scanned every kind of way at M.D. Anderson, which was exhausting. Energy is better and I need to attempt more vigorous activities; bike riding, longer walks, etc. Immune system is not too bad though I have caught pneumonia once but fought it off. I work full time but try to keep my distance from crowds and sick people. Hand washing of course is super important.
In November, I had to be hospitalized for a blood clot in the leg caused by the revlimid that I am on now for Maintenance. (10 mg a day for 28 day cycles). To counteract the clots now I take 5 mg of Coumadin a day. All in all things are going well considering how bad I felt last year and I am so grateful! I’m especially grateful to my mom and my sister for their unselfish support. Thanks to everyone for the prayers and good wishes and Happy New Year!