3 or 4

Set the way back machine and see if you can remember the bugs bunny cartoon and Pete The Puma saying how many lumps he wants. That is me – “what time did you wake up?”, “How long did you sleep” – answer to both?
“Erreewww, about 3 or 4”
And it feels like bugs bunny is there, with that mallet, ready to knock me back unconscious!  So why am I up typing this and not succumbing to Bugs’ knock out punch?  BECAUSE!
That magical word used by adults to kids for many many years.  I use it on my daughter to unsuccessfully attempt to end whatever meaningless argument we’re having (and she JUST turned 6).  There are too many reasons as to why I’m up and I’m not going to last much longer, the eyelids are getting heavy!
One of the many reasons was Bladder Boy!  With Liquid Man (yesterday I consumed 3L of smart water and about 1.2L of gatorade not including the two 1L bags of saline I’ve gone through) comes Bladder Boy but here at “the office” we need to keep record to ensure strong kidney function.  We need to confirm what goes in as well as what comes out – to ensure there’s a balance, a yin and yang of urine, a Lucy and Ethel of the potty.  This all makes sense – liquid in, liquid out – and they give me two 1L bottles.  They also have a seat for the potty (which I’ve not yet seen) which allows for other capture as one of the side effects of the Melphalan is the big D!
Hey – it’s balance, liquid in, liquid out – uck!
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