3 October admission date

I now know the date I am going into hospital. The 3 October is the day I am will be going in for my transplant. I will be attending the Clatterbridge Hospital at 12:15 on Monday 3rd and straight after that appointment, which is for the test Radio Therapy I will be going over to the Royal Liverpool Hospital where they will have a room ready for me (so I was told). That evening I will be having some Chemo and on Thursday I will going back over to Clatterbridge Hospital for the Radio Therapy also on this day will be my transplant, I’m not sure if this is before or after. I think I will be having the Radio therapy whilst Nigel begins the extraction and when I get back they will start to do the infusion.

I will get the full Schedule on Friday. Nigel has his consultation in Liverpool and I will be going with him. Edwina will be providing me with the full schedule then.

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