3 days left of JKWP, lesson limitations

So, three days and counting. We are up and out by 5;40 am but sunrise is 5:43, so we need to go a tad bit earlier. Everyone else(the regulars) are also out earlier. I’m thinking 5:30. I think thats what we were doing last year.

So, lesson 3 is about limitations. I’ve learned that its tough to admit that I have limitations physically. I was always fairly athletic when I was younger. In college and later I did ballet, then about the time Forrest Gump came along(that’s a joke), in the mid 70’s i was running. Actually running a lot. About 5 miles a day. We lived pretty rural and the paths were nice. Later, I didn’t run any more, because the roads where we moved were dangerous. At some point I started swimming. Again a lot. A mile or 52 laps a day.

Then a strange thing happened. I had a compression fracture T 10 due to myeloma. Except I didn’t know that for a year and a half afterwards. What I did know, is I was limited. I couldn’t do anything. Slowly it got better till then when I found out why I had the compression fracture, it got worse. So, I can only still walk so far without my back hurting.

Now I’ve been on dex so long that even though I walk everyday my leg muscles never seem to get stronger. I think normally, I’d be, let’s do more. Walk more laps. But I can’t, I’m limited. Don’t get me wrong, I am grateful every single day for what I can do and that Im still here living life.