3 cheers for STABLE

Tim had his quarterly appointment on Friday. He remains stable at .20 M-spike. Thanks be to GOD.
This appointment sets the tone for our holiday season so I am thrilled that it went well, but, then again, I always am. Unfortunately, someone I really care about was diagnosed with prostate cancer a week and a half ago and I am now worried about him. I tell ya, you just can’t get away from this cancer nonsense. This one shocked me. I really thought his biopsy was going to be negative. His PSA
isn’t even out of normal range for a man his age. It just rose a bit from the last one and they ordered a biopsy. He goes tomorrow for scans to be sure it is confined to just the prostate and has not spread. I sure pray that it has not. UGH!!!

On other news, Liv sprained her ankle in gym class. I have a big toe injury that I got from being stupid, as in catching for Liv while she practiced softball pitching, whilst I was wearing flip-flops. Won’t be doing that again. We are busy doing the football and cheerleading thing 3 times a week. On Mondays, Liv is cheerleading captain for the JV squad and we go to the JV games. On Friday nights, we go see our varsity team play. They are whomping butt this year. Then, on Saturday nights, Liv coaches the cheerleaders for our youth football league, who are generally getting their butts whomped. It’s a good kind of busy, and when it’s over in Nov., we don’t have much to do.

Tim is still REALLY busy at work. Golfing today for only the second time this season, which stinks.
I am taking a 9 week financial course of Dave Ramsey’s and it has made me worry about money even more. Did ya ever sit down and figure out how much money goes out every month? Don’t. It’s damn scary!!! I’ve warned Liv that if she asks me for a smart phone one more time, she’s in BIG trouble.

Basically, things are rolling along in our “normal” fashion. Nothing gets done around the house. We’re not doing what we WANT to do, and are bogged down in all the stuff we HAVE to do. Just
“business as usual” around here. Trying to find joy in the monotony, I guess. Such is life.

Happy autumn!