#3 (and interlude)

A short and slightly late post to mark the end of Cycle 3 on Monday; and celebrate the fact that I don’t have to do a Cycle 4!

The blood and urine tests continue to indicate that Myeloma the Puny is out for the count. I was also starting to get tingling hands, which sounds (and is) a minor side effect in itself, but can turn into a very painfulcondition called peripheral neuropathy, a common side effect with various myeloma drugs including both the V and T in my VTD. I’ve been lucky to escape this to date and seeing as I’d already had a great response to treatment it isn’t worth building up the toxicity for no reason.

I actually stopped my T drug a week early because of this, so my cycling turned out to be much shorter than expected! Not a Tour de France, not even a Tour de Yorkshire. Tour de Wandsworth maybe, with lots of shuttle runs between Battersea and Tooting…


I had a bone marrow biopsy today, and assuming that’s all looking as good as my bloods I’ll be moving forward to the ‘main course’ AKA high-dose chemo and stem cell transplant AKA mini-break in Tooting.

Details and dates to follow at some point in due course I’m sure; but for now I’m enjoying having a (mainly) drug-free interlude to rest and recover.

Yours, popping scarcely any pills at all these days,

Helga x