See Ya March

Hello 3.29.19

Life’s been very challenging and busy lately…. and not in a “good” way. I had a great idea for this On The 9s post, but “stuff” kept happening and I just didn’t finish writing what I wanted to share, in the way I wanted to share it… so I’ll just wait until my next post…

Thanks for checking in, and caring as you do. I know your life is complicated too. Everyone’s is. I lived with the naive thought that the older I got, the simpler life would become. Nope. No such luck…

I’m doing “ok”… but grappling with new challenges that challenge me in ways I never thought I could be challenged. I am processing so much sadness, so many lost dreams, lost lives and plans. It’s incredible how fast illness changes things. As awful as my myeloma diagnosis was, is… Alzheimers is exponentially worse. At least I can process my illness, my treatments, my status, my future. Alz steals everything.

The Sad Similarity: both are Incurable.
The Gigantic Difference: Myeloma is Treatable, Alz is not…

This was not the topic I was going to write about… but this is the topic that stole my post.
See you on the next 9. And until then, I hope your life brings you joy and fulfillment, minimal pain, and only positive challenges.

Thank you Evelyn and Neel 
for the stunning daffodils!

Caught a little Vitamin D today
with Nala and Jack :))