2nd Transplant is a go!

We are doing it all over again!
Today’s appointment went really well.  Tony’s numbers are great.  When the doctor first saw him, she commented on how much better he looked.  And, he really does!  He has peach fuzz on his face.  Body is still smooth like a baby’s bum, but his beard is coming back! And, he’s excited about it.
We have had about three “back to normal” weeks.  It’s been great.  I must admit we both let our guards down a bit with regards to staying healthy.  Around Monday, he began with a runny nose.  Clear fluid.  Then me, and now one of our sons.  Not good.  His blood pressure did drop from a sitting position to a standing position.  Warned again about drinking 2-3 litres of fluids daily.  Again, we let our guard down on that too.
Fortunately, they felt that hydration was not necessary today.
They took a swab of his nose for testing.  We should know the results soon.  They still put him third on the list for a room for his transplant but, if those results come back positive, well, then they will put him on medication.  So, now we are waiting for that phone call.  Results or a room.
I am currently at home watching big thick snowflakes coming down.  This year has been exceptionally bad with snow falls.  Rain expected overnight.  Getting ready for a big meltdown.

Last evening, while out with some girlfriends, I taught them a new word:  Lampe Berger

I have cut and copied directly from www.lampeberger.ca to tell everyone it’s purpose.  Having said that, I have reignited our lampe berger once again, to kill germs in the house.  I am the proud owner of two of them that were gifted to us.  I guess I spoke way too soon by telling everyone how healthy we’ve been!

Since its launch, LAMPE BERGER PARIS has been dedicated to purifying indoor air.
Invented in 1898, Lampe Berger’s catalytic diffusion system remains the best at fragrancing the air in your house while diffusing subtle fragrances.
LAMPE BERGER PARIS meets consumers’ high expectations in terms of indoor air purification, home fragrancing and innovative product design.

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LAMPE BERGER PARIS has been fragrancing and purifying indoor air since 1898. It all began when Maurice Berger, a pharmacy dispenser, invented and patented the first lamp to purify the air in hospital wards. As living conditions improved, air quality became an important concern in the home and workplace.
1930: During this period of opulence where the taste for beautiful things was at its height, fragrances were incorporated which added a whole new dimension to the LAMPE BERGER experience. Lampe Berger became a collectors’ item.
1990s : In 1997, LAMPE BERGER took the decision to restructure and create a Research and Development department dedicated to creating new ranges and improve overall product performance. Since then LAMPE BERGER have continued to evolve and innovate and currently have patents worldwide in over 20 countries.