2nd Relapse Confirmed – Day 151 After 2nd ASCT – October 16 2012

I met Clay Smith, MD and Lindsay Davis, MD Fellow at the University of Colorado Hospital today and liked both of them. My sister, Jani, went with me to my appointment. I know I look too happy for a gal in her second relapse — but, happy is better than sad.
As I suspected, Dr. Smith thinks I have relapsed based on my M-Spike of 0.4, increasing LDH levels, and increasing immunoglobulin G and wants to do a bone marrow biopsy tomorrow, Wednesday morning, to confirm the relapse. They also drew the SPEP tests today which take several days to get back.
Afterwards I will get my Velcade chemo, dex, and some fluids. My kidney function test done on my blood called creatinine, is sky high at 1.47 (norms 0.4 to 1.20) indicating that I have kidney damage of some kind, so they are going to give me fluids IV with my chemo today. I think the creatinine is up because of the Zolinza (vorinostat), but Dr. Smith thinks it may be due to the myeloma building up in my bone marrow. I probably should have stopped the Zolinza sooner.My platelets are low at 80 (norms 150-400). However, my white blood cell count was fine at 4.3 (norms 4-11) and my hemoglobin okay at 12.1 (norms 12.1-16.3).
Since, Dr. Smith is sure I HAVE relapsed, he has already started the approval process for a the new multiple myeloma approved drug,