2nd Immunoglobulin treatment and results

My Intravenous immunoglobulin treatment went fine today, I am left feeling tired once again but not as bad as last time at the moment.

The good news is my IGg level has dropped from 44.8 to 37. The bad news is my paraprotein ( myeloma burden ) is on the rise and since 2005 has risen from 13 to 29.5. When this level has risen to over 30 and it inevitably will, then my specialist will decide whether to start treatment (chemotherapy) but it will be based on how my general health is and whether there are any other factors to warrant starting treatment.

My MRI scan results show that I have 3 discs causing problems, one is torn and 2 are burning out and dehydrated, these discs are all in my lumbar spine, its not myeloma related and at least I now know why my back hurts.

The caravan renovations are going brilliantly and I am really enjoying keeping occupied and using my interior design skills, I cant wait to take off to spain in my caravan in June.