2nd birthday!

2nd birthday! Dec 28 was my second birthday! Great that this is working out so well.

Protocol: I’m on revlimid 5mg to keep what myeloma cells I have down. Also 20 mg xeralto for the clots that the revlimid can cause. Calcium supplements twice a day, multivitamin, magnesium, valacyclovir for shingles, pantaprozole for reflux sometimes. I take zometa infusions for halting bone loss about once a month. I see my local oncologist about once a month. I see my myeloma dr every 6 months and my stem cell dr every 6 too. I’m due for a bone marrow test in March. Was due this past visit in dec but was not notified to stop blood thinners a head of time and was canceled.

Side effects: numbness in my feet from the revlimid. I have to wear shoes that have a large toe box. We reduced from 10mg to 5mg to keep it from progressing. Insomnia so I sometimes take Xanax or ambien. For Dry skin I use cetaphil. Hair is still curly, just not as tight. I have to add oil to it, but it’s very soft! I have cholesterol plaques over my eyelids, from the past “weight gain” diet or the meds, but my cholesterol levels are pretty good. Some short term memory loss and some times when handwriting I have missing letters, that’s weird. I make sure I write every day and try to correct that. I don’t wear contacts for fear of infection.