2nd ASCT Day Minus 6 – May 12 2012

Had a pretty good night – IV pumps ran all night and NEVER “BEEPED” which is a miracle to any one getting chemo. Did wake early with a headache and my jaws ached. RN Kim gave me a pain pill and an ice pack – both worked nicely and although my headache is not gone, it is better. We realized we forgot to have me take Bacolfen 20 mg last night which i have taken for years for migraine prevention – so, I’ll talk to the doctor or nurse practitioner about that this morning during rounds.

Drew my labs at 4 AM and I took my thyroid pill as I usually do at that early hour.

My white cell count dipped after yesterday’s chemo to 2.9 (norms 4-11.1); my hemoglobin when down some to 9.4 (norms 4.18-5.64); and my platelets are 170 (norms 150-400).

My ANC count is good at 2.7 (norms 1.8-6.6), but I’ll still wear my mask when I’m outside the room. The rooms are equipped with an air exchanger and somewhat noisy air filtration system, so I do not need to wear the mask in my patient room.
They drew my SPEP and M-Spike again on May 10. These results take longer to get back. My Immunoglobulin G is at 403 which is good for me since my cancer is in this area and the normal values are of no value to me.
My serum Magnesium is 1.9 this morning and they give replacements for any value before 2.0. so RN Kim hung a replacement IV bag around 6:20 AM.Walked 15 minutes on the treadmill.