2nd ASCT Day Minus 1 – May 17 2012

My labs are better this morning after my 2 units of blood last night.
NOTICE NOTICE – I’m free of the IV pole and pumps!!!! If I can continue to drink by mouth adequately, I will only have to be hooked to the IV Pole when I received my Acyclovir to prevent shingles and Kytril to prevent nausea – Yippee~

Maintenance came and cleaned the air ducts in the ceiling of my bathroom and room this morning. Joe “Maintenance Man” even took the nurses computer for charting and had ALL the dust inside it blown out…so, I’m SET for a heading to a zero white count!

While Joe “Maintenance” worked in my room, I walked on the treadmill for 15 minutes for 0.53 miles. Made my back hurt and I had to take a pain pill afterwards.

Advanced Care Partner Joe on May 17 2012.