2nd ASCT Day Minus 1 – 4 PM Lab Results May 17 2012

My lab values maintained well today after my two units of blood last night. My white blood cell count is 4.1 (norms 4-11.1); platelets 108 (norms 150-400); and my hemoglobin 10.5 (norms 12.1-16.3).

I showered and it felt so good because I was not tethered to the IV pole during the shower.

I walked on the treadmill for 15 minutes (0.53 miles) this morning and I walked 15.30 minutes in the hallway here on the bone marrow unit this afternoon.

After my walk, I had an INTENSE pain around my chest like a barrel stave was cutting me in half. RN Chelsey, Jani, and I decided we would try some lactulose and when that didn’t help RN Chelsey thought it best to give me IV Kytril and that helped A LOT! I don’t feel like eating tonight, so I ordered some cold cereal that I can eat later if I feel like it.