2nd ASCT – Day 95 – August 21 2012

Didn’t sleep last night due to the dex, but I seem to have plenty of energy today. I walked Kemmer 1.70 miles on the Mine Hill (forgot my camera card in the computer, so no photo). The burning neuropathy in my left foot and some now in my right foot also didn’t help the sleep situation. The dex has me absolutely “STARVING HUNGRY” ALL THE TIME! I could eat a whole loaf of bread if I let myself…I did LET MYSELF eat a piece of toast and apricot jelly at 2:30 AM~

Ran errands around town and helped my father with scanning some documents. Picked apricots at my father’s neighbor’s house. I’m going to make an apricot crisp and a couple jars of jelly.
Jonah (white 1999 Honda Passport) went to Tim Reimann for a new gear shifting mechanism and it works perfectly…now, I’ll be able to get around and BACK HOME on any dirt road around!
From Reimann’s Kemmer and I walked home via the school and the LDS Church for a distance of 1.15 miles – not exactly a direct route.