2nd ASCT – Day 70 – July 27 2012

Han Myint, MD from the University of Colorado Hospital called me late this afternoon with my bone marrow biopsy results from 12 July 2012. The biopsy smear showed 1 percent plasma cells which is “really good” according to Dr. Myint. The core sample showed an aggregate of IgG Kappa cells less than 10 percent (but, this is only an estimate). The cytogenetics showed no 4:14, however in the FISH results 4:14 represented 1 percent (“almost nothing”) and 1q21 up to 2.5 percent of the cells.

All this means that I will need to continue chemotherapy to hold the cancer at bay, but I knew that. Dr. Myint will call my oncologist in Twin Falls, Idaho with his recommendations for chemotherapy which will need to be approved by my medical insurance. I will also need to continue Aredia for bone building. IF all goes well, I will return to UCH in Colorado mid-October 2012.
Dr. Wolfel, the cardiologist has not yet returned Dr. Myint’s request for more information related to my echocardiogram done on 12 July 2012. I want to stop the daily blood thinning injections, Fragmin and only Dr. Wolfel can make this decision.
The hearing loss and roar in my right ear seems to be some better this evening. My throat is a tad sore on the right side…so, maybe it was an eustachian tube issue.