2nd ASCT – Day 6 – May 24 2012 – Blood and Platelets Needed

My 4 PM labs on Day +6 May 24 2012 reveal that I need both platelets and blood tonight. My white blood cell count is critically low at <0.1 and I was given a neupogen injection. My hemoglobin is 7.9 (norms 12.1-16.3) so RN Kate ordered 2 units of blood for me to receive this evening. My platelets are 29 (norms 150-400) so RN Kate ordered a unit of platelets to be given intravenously too.

Today is +6 after my 2nd ASCT, but Day14 of this hospitalization. I seem to be holding up okay.
Yesterday, I developed a raised, itchy red rash on the crown of my head and on my chest wall between my breasts (actually higher). The nurse practitioner, Glen, ordered Clindamycin topical liquid to put on the spots and it has helped