2nd ASCT – Day 5 – BAD NIGHT AT BLACK ROCK – May 24 2012

I had a rough night May 23rd into May 24 2012 (Day + 5 to +6). I woke about 1 AM with a pressing left sided chest pain. Changing my position or taking deep breaths did not alter the pain. My RN Sherry called the “doctor on call”, Dr. Peterson, and he came to see me. They did a STAT EKG and it was normal. Dr. Peterson seemed to think the pain was referred from the mucocitis that I have going on in my entire gastrointestinal track.

I didn’t get any sleep all night.

This morning, Dr. Gutman came to see me and he told me that the mucositis can cause pain like I was having and not to worry. So, I’m through worrying about that.