2nd ASCT – Day 41 – June 28 2012

My hair follicles opened up and tiny little hairs pushed up over night…fuzz all over my entire scalp…
But, I still look BALD which doesn’t bother me at all…I NEVER have hat-hair!Another good day for me with only minor gastritis all day. The neuropathy in my left foot and leg is pretty constant (from Velcade) and I have pain over where I had shingles on right upper back most of the time too which I take one half Percocet for every 8 hours. I have to be EXTREMELY careful to take my Famciclovir every 8 hours or the former shingles pain is AWFUL!!!!!!! These 2 pains, I’ll just have to live with it seems as they don’t seem to be changing over time.
Zoe decided that Kemmer was having too much fun without her and without too much coaxing jumped up on Jani’s 4-wheeler and acted like she does this every day.