2nd ASCT Day +3 – May 21 2012

Woke this morning with a sore throat that extends down my throat where you cannot see it with a flashlight. It really hurts below this point the most. Very uncomfortable and makes even swallowing water difficult.

This is the best photo I could take this morning May 21 2012.

By 4 PM, the redness in my throat has increased and it is more and more painful to swallow.

They are giving me a pain pill before I eat and that helps with the swallowing. I have almost not been nauseated at all since I’m receiving intravenous Kytril twice a day a 9 AM and 9 PM with intravenous Nexum and Ativan by mouth when needed. I feel like I have the same kind of sores in my stomach that I see in my throat. They are running maintenance intravenous fluids