2nd ASCT – Day 20 – June 7 2012

I’m still kicking’ …but, it has been rough for the last 3 days with unrelenting headache, gut ache, and various other aches and pains…oops, I could be whining!

Finally, figured out that I had a sinus infection and once I started Augmentin (antibiotic), my sinuses began to drain and the never-ending headache went away. During the last 3 days, I couldn’t really see to type. My vision has really changed with this 2nd transplant. I need to wear much stronger reading glasses now (2.00), and I should probably buy some 2.25 readers. Was using just 1.25 before transplant.

Just when I thought I was turning the corner, last night EVERYTHING came north out of nowhere. I am still taking Kytril once every 24 hours.