2nd ASCT – Day 138 – October 3 2012

My usual rotten, never more than 2 hours at time, sleep is back. Waking to left foot and leg neuropathy burning and/or to pee. I took a plain Tylenol and that helped some. I finally just got up at 4 AM rather than flip-flop around in bed AWAKE.

My tongue was all coated early this morning, so I took a fluconazole and it seems much better this morning. My taster is going, but still working some – Zolinza side effect.

Went early to put my father’s compression stockings on – a tad easer today – but, still a struggle. I take him tomorrow to the Interventional Radiologist in Blackfoot, Idaho to be get his (HOPEFULLY) last evaluation on the arterial stents that have been placed via ultrasound, followed by a meeting with Dr. David Shelley. We are going to ask Dr. Shelley if the compression stockings are okay to use in light of the arterial issues. If he