2nd ASCT – Day 132 – September 27 2012

I took 100 mg of Neurontin last night at bedtime – it worked great again for reducing the neuropathy burning sensation in my left foot and leg. But, unfortunately, only until 2 AM…so, I decided to take another 100 mg at 2 AM. It helped the neuropathy, but left me feeling hung over this morning and a tad spacey. I am so sensitive to medications, I should have known better. Tonight, I’ll just go with 100 mg once…give myself time to adjust to that dosage before I do any increasing. Did you know that you cannot take any medication with magnesium in it for at least 2 hours before and after taking Neurontin?

I worked on genealogy all day long and my brain is twisted and fried – but, I’m getting closer to understanding my maternal side of my family.