2nd ASCT – Day 120 – September 15 2012

Busy day in Mackay, Idaho. Our annual Mackay Barbecue is held the 3rd Saturday of September. I had a good time taking photos and visiting with people. Here is one of favorite people, Kase – he forgot to smile.
From the Mackay Barbecue, I headed over to my father’s house. I took my father a barbecue sandwich with the homemade sauce (made at Ivies last Wednesday night). I had it pretty well- balanced for a nano-second when it went spinning out of control in Jonah and I soon had spicy barbecue sauce all of me and the car. I delivered the sandwich and went home to clean the car. Jonah (1999 Honda Passport) now has “Ode to Barbecue” fragrance with a touch of Wool-Lite cleaner.