2nd ASCT – Day 117 – September 12 2012

I got my faxed copies of my LDH and Comprehensive Chem Panel results from 4 Sept 2012. My LDH is HIGH at 661 (norms 313-618), which I’m sure is not good, but probably goes with my increased M-Spike from 0.1 to 03 drawn the same day. The University of Colorado Hospital draws LDH with each Chem Panel, but I think I’ve only had this LDH drawn at St. Luke’s MSTI, in Twin Falls, Idaho.
In addition, as I mentioned on 4 Sept 2012, my creatinine (a measure of kidney function) was slightly elevated at 1.09 (norms 0.52-1.04). My BUN (another kidney function test was normal and the ratio (BUN/Creatinine Ratio) of the two kidney function tests was normal – so, maybe not a concern).