2nd ASCT – Day 114 – September 10 2012

More neuropathy in my left foot and leg through the night. First thing, called Dr. Padavanija at St. Luke’s Hospital in Twin Falls office and requested a consultation with her tomorrow before my Velcade/Dex dose to see if a Velcade dose reduction is in order. I sure don’t want to get saddled with terrible neuropathy which tends to NEVER go away in myeloma patients once they get it.

Drove to Challis, Idaho (50 some miles north of Mackay) and had Dr. Tom McGown put the permanent filling in over my root canal. It was a breeze and I did a whole LOT of anticipatory worry that I SHOULD NOT HAVE DONE!
They did another x-ray to check that I did not have any infection beneath the tooth – it looks fine. The only thing that I did not do that I should have done was taken some antibiotic before the appointment – oh well~
The Mackay Dam about 6 miles above Mackay is at 44 percent today. (Double click to enlarge).