2nd ASCT – Day 103 – August 29 2012

Paco seems fine this morning and I took him home at o’dark thirty (his choice).

I drove 100 miles to Bart Morrison, DDS’s office in Idaho Falls for my root canal on tooth #18. The novocaine worked well and the procedure took less than 40 minutes. The novacaine made me shaky and I could feel my heart in my chest.

Bart Morrison, Endodonist who grew up on a dairy farm…he likes teeth more than cows!
Bart noted there was active infection in the root canals of my tooth #18 – he even cleaned it out with clorox at one point.
I’ll need to go back to Dr. Tom McGowan within 1 month to have a permanent filling put in the top of the crown that Bart Morrison had to drill through today…and yes, that’s a root canal on the the tooth on the left too – today’s root canal is the tooth on the right!
Drove home and my mouth was still very numb. HOWEVER, IT WOKE UP and I have so much PAIN – thankfully, I have both Advil and Percocet…putting ice on my jaw tonight. Hopefully, the pain will abate by morning. I talked to my transplant coordinator at the University of Colorado Hospital and Lindsey McMenimen asked the pharmacist there about my antibiotic coverage for this root canal – Augumentin 875/125 is adequate and I continue to take it twice a day.