24 Hours…

…from now we will be well on our way back to Louisville. We are getting to go home a full month sooner than we expected, and to say we are excited would be an understatement. We’ve already packed all we can, and all that is left is seeing the doctor today, coming back to our apartment and loading what we can in the car, and saying goodbye to this neighborhood. It’s a very nice place, and for the most part we have enjoyed being here, but it’s just not home. After today we only have to see the doctor twice a month. I’m feeling well, have had few problems, so as long as I’m doing well there is no compelling reason to stay. We are just grateful to God that things have gone so well. Getting the chance to continue my recovery at home is wonderful. I believe I can rest better there, and really start getting stronger. Thanks for all of your prayers.
Deacon John
Friday of the Eighth Week in Ordinary Time
May 28, 2010
St. Peregrine. Pray for Us
Blessed John XXIII Pray for Us