21/2weeks and counting!

Helloooo there! Just wanted to update that we are still on schedule for my allogenic stem cell transplant, May 5th. My doctor cut out my second cycle of chemo by 5 days because the side effects were getting to be too much. Severe body cramping because one of the drugs is neurotoxic as well as my platelet count was dropping too low. Other than that I am feeling well and am preparing for my absence at home. I have to pack for three months! Ugh!! I again I thank everyone for the continual prayers. I am faithful that the Lord is watching over me and is and will be directing this journey. God Be the Glory!!
I will get my apartment assignment by the end of the month. I can always be contacted by email or this blog. I going try real hard to blog more frequently as I go day to day through this but I have know idea how ill I will get. Everybody is different but they will make me as comfortable as possible.
FYI, someone was inquiring if they could send me fresh flowers
or fruit baskets while I am up there. No fresh flowers are allowed and only fruit that
doesn’t have to be washed is allowed to be sent. In other wards, don’t worry about it your prayers are more than enough! I have received gas gift cards as well as restaurant gift cards and I am very grateful because that well help with driving back and forth we have to do and providing meals while I am up there. But your prayers are sufficient! With that said I am going to sign off for now and I will update after I have my appointment with my doctor on Monday! Be blessed everyone! Irene