She’s an upper classman

We have just returned from dropping our daughter off for her 3rd year of college. Surreal. Other parents have told me that this is the fastest 4 years of your life and they were not kidding. It seems like yesterday we were dropping her off for the first time, and it’s been 2 years since that day. This next step starts with a whole bunch of new worries. She is not on campus anymore, with security guards and cameras all over the place. We moved her into a big house about 2 miles from her school, maybe a bit less. We are more concerned for her safety. It sure did not help that, on the news yesterday, there was a report of a man breaking into a college rental on Long Island and robbing them at gunpoint. Terrifying stuff. The locals know where the rentals are. Tim and I wound up grabbing a hotel room for 2 nights so we did not have to drive home in Labor Day traffic and also because Tim didn’t have much work in for this week so he wanted a little breather. So much for rest and relaxation. His employee changed his college plans and texted us his 2 weeks notice. GREAT!!! It’s really hard to find good help in this field and we had to go right into blasting word of mouth out to try to find someone. The stressors never take a vacation. And, there’s something about getting ready to drop our daughter off and not being on campus that has had a tough affect on both of us for weeks now. Tim actually admitted to me yesterday that it’s weighing very heavy on him and he’s the one that usually takes everything in stride. I feel like I have to stop voicing my own concerns to him and start playing the role of cheerleader and I just don’t feel cheery. Kids these days are so much more na├»ve than we were at their age. They spend every minute staring at their cell phone screens and are oblivious to everything going on around them. Just last night, we went back to her rental to drop off some things we’d bought and, out of 5 girls, not one of them thought to leave any lights on when they left to go to the campus for the day. The house was pitch black and the outside light was off. It has a spooky entrance, with high bushes lining both sides of the whole front walk. In fact, one girl was just getting home when we pulled up and she was so afraid to go in by herself, she sat in her car until my daughter got home so she didn’t have to walk in alone. I was like, “LIV, ya gotta leave some lights on!” OY, these kids. Tim actually installed a locking doorknob on her bedroom door, but, she has a Jack and Jill bathroom so we couldn’t totally secure her room. I know, crazy, but several of these girls have boyfriends who you know are gonna be sleeping there. It’s a huge house, you know there are gonna be kids crashing there after parties too. I have to keep myself busy back home here or I am going to worry myself sick. On the bright side, she is so blissfully happy at her school. She has so many friends. Tim and I stopped to pick up food to go from a place before we came home and the guy that took care of us graduated from there last year and is now going for his masters and he not only knew her, he’d just hung out with her last night. You walk around campus with her and she knows SO many people. It makes things a bit easier to know how happy she is. I just wish I didn’t spend my life wishing the time away. I do it for 2 reasons. I want relief from the worries and I desperately want both of us to be present at her graduation in 20 months. I’m sure it will seem like no time at all before I’m back here posting that she graduated. But, for now, it’s back to empty nesting.

I guess, this being a myeloma blog, I should give that report too. Tim has continued to stay off Velcade. He took it from Feb to Dec of last year and wanted a break, mostly from the Dex, for the holidays. Well, luckily, his disease continues to behave in a lazy fashion and his numbers have moved at a snail’s pace so he keeps getting a bit longer of a reprieve. His appointments went from 4 weeks to 6 weeks to now 2 months apart. We are blessed. It’s a little scary being off treatment. His one doc didn’t want him off, the other one is more laid back about it. So, for now, we coast, for as long as we can. Then, it will be back at it again.

Other than that, we’re just looking forward to autumn in NJ, since the heat has been just awful here. We waited so long for summer to finally arrive, only to get tons of rain and blast furnace heat. The dog days of summer.