2018 Gardens

We’re all planted!  We have 4 raised beds.  This is my 2nd year of hay-bale gardening.  Dom’s first.

In my two bales, I have 3 Sweet Million cherry tomatoes, 6 Sweet 100 cherry tomatoes, Greek oregano, and lemon thyme.  I have these surrounded by 3 different types of bush beans.

Dom planted a lot of peppers in the soil.  Hot banana, sweet banana, jalapenos and something new for us this year…garden salsa peppers.

In Dom’s hay bales he planted 6 tomatoes.  3 Goliath and 3 Better Boy.  Next to them, I planted a first for me…  Multiplier Onions

The fourth garden contains 50 Italian Heirloom garlic plants.  100’s of years old.  These were given to us years ago by a dear friend, Lor, in Ohio.  We replant 50 cloves every Fall.

So Far- so good!