Week 33 chemo complete: Naps are my friend

Week 33 chemo complete: Naps are my friend

Chronic fatigue is one of the side effects of my chemo and a common symptom of my cancer. I try and nap whenever I can (e.g. on the bus or train), to give me an energy boost for the rest of the day. Beyond fatigue, I’m thankful not to have more serious health problems at this time. Staying positive each day!

To recap: On Sunday, September 27th, I completed Cycle 9 Week 1. I have Multiple Myeloma and anemia, a rare blood cancer. It is incurable, but treatable. From February to November 2013, I received Velcade chemo through weekly in-hospital injections as an outpatient. Since February 9th 2015, I have been on Pomalyst and dexamethasone chemo treatment (Pom/dex). My treatment cycle is 21 days on (Pomalyst chemo pill), then 7 days off. I take dexamethasone, an oral steroid, every Monday.

Weekly chemo-inspired self-portraits can be viewed in my flickr album.

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