Toesday in the Waiting Room

For the Myeloma fans, with a dash of knitting.
Thank you to everyone who commented on my last update.
I listened and I understood and I am thinking.

Waiting Room knitting -two sock toes

FL went back to see the Consultant yesterday.
We are not much further forward… except… maybe that says it all.

The blood test anomalies which confused the Consultant and other doctors over the past couple of weeks are still present, but are no longer a cause for immediate concern.
All of the following are slightly better:  kidney function is ok, his potassium level is no longer a threat to his heart, and he is not as anaemic as he was.

However, there are still the unexplained “raised eosiniphils”.  Now that I have worked out how to spell that phrase, I have googled it :)
It would appear that the most common causes of raised eos are: allergies related to asthma; a parasitic infection; a drug allergy.
However, a little deeper delving revealed a study that linked raised levels of eos  with cancer activity in the bone marrow.  Another google took me to the Mayo Clinic where they have found raised eos in patients with CML (Chronic Myeloid Leukemia). 

The Consultant only had the initial results of FL’s bone marrow test from last week:  there was “some Myeloma” but mainly the test revealed “very scruffy cells” which the Consultant attributed to the many chemotherapies FL has endured over the past 8 years.  Basically, FL’s bone marrow is worn out.

The full bone marrow results will include a report on “genetics”.  That will reveal whether or not his cancer has mutated.  The Mayo pages on CML say that it is diagnosed by the presence of the “Philadelphia chromosome”, a mutated gene….way too much detail that I don’t really understand.
Stop googling Roo!

New yarn – because I knit socks

The bottom line is that the Consultant will not make a decision on whether or not to restart FL on Pomalidomide until she has the full bone marrow test results. 
Saying that, I felt as if we were being prepared for  the “no more Pom” talk.  She was especially kind to FL and appeared to be shifting her emphasis from attacking the cancer to reducing his pain.

Having been weaned off Gabapentin, FL is now trying out Pregabalin for his nerve-related pain. He is still taking Co-Codamol for the bone pain.

Back to the hospital in two weeks.